Jody Allair in front of a Northern Gannet breeding colony.
Jody Allair in front of a Northern Gannet breeding colony. Photo provided by Jody Allair.

Jody Allair (@JodyAllair) is an avid birder and naturalist who enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the natural world. Jody has been birding and banding since his teens, when he began volunteering at Long Point Bird Observatory. He is currently the Director of Citizen Science and Community Engagement at Bird Studies Canada. Jody has written numerous articles on birds, birding and connecting with nature and delivers various education and outreach programs to audiences across Canada. Over the years Jody has worked on a variety of different bird research projects including the Southern Ontario Bald Eagle Monitoring Program, the Ontario Nocturnal Owl Survey and the Southern Ontario Forest Birds at Risk Program.

1 Are you an early bird or night owl?

Early Bird

2 Are you pro- or anti-pun?


3 Do you have any pets?


4 Do you have any science-themed home decor?


5 Do you prefer cooking or baking?


6 Do you prefer sweet or savory?


7 Do you speak any other languages?


8 If you could switch professions, what would you do?


9 If you could switch science fields, what field would you want to work in?

Paleontology – because dinosaurs!

10 If you got a plane ticket right now, where would it go?


11 If you had one superpower, what would it be?


12 Is there anything you strongly recommend we watch and/or read and/or listen to?

Mind of the Raven by Bernd Heinrich

13 It’s your day off. What do you want to do?

Spending time outside with my family.

14 What are three things you can’t live without?

family, birds, wild spaces

15 What beverage gives you life?

technically water, ideally a good stout

16 What book did you read in school that positively shaped you?

Last of the Curlews by Fred Bodsworth

17 What did you want to be be when you grew up?

Park naturalist

18 What drives you and keeps you going?

That people can make positive changes to help our planet and the amazing plants and animals that need it.

19 What got you excited in science?

Mysteries in nature (bird migration) and dinosaurs.

20 What excites you about science now?

same as above [Mysteries in nature (bird migration) and dinosaurs.]

21 What is a guilty pleasure of yours?


22 What is a secret talent of yours?

making lattes

23 What is your favorite game?


24 What is the last book you read?

The New Neotropical Campanion by John Kricher

25 What is one of the best pieces of advice you’ve received?

Be true to yourself.

26 What is something you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do?

Make a baked Alaska

27 What is the best advice for your 18 year old self?

Give school work the same attention as birding.

28 What is the best way to de-stress?


29 What is the last thing you watched?

Schitt’s Creek

30 What is the weirdest thing you’ve had in your bag?

Carnivorous Caterpillar

31 What is your favorite animal?

Hudsonian Godwit

32 What is your favorite book?

Kingbird Highway by Kenn Kaufman

33 What is your favorite comfort food?

Mushroom Risotto

34 What is your favorite day of the year?


35 What is your favorite plant?

Balsam Poplar

36 What is your favorite science fact?

That certain amphibians (Wood Frogs) can freeze solid through the winter and come out unscathed in the spring.

37 What is your favorite season?


38 What is your favorite smell?

Balsam Poplar

39 What is your favorite sound?

Screaming Piha

40 What is your favorite thing about yourself?

being an optimist

41 What is your favorite word (in any language)?


42 What is your proudest moment?

Becoming a father

43 What kind of tree would you be?

White Tree

44 What’s the best thing about where you live?

Incredible diversity of Prairie and Mountain ecosystems close together

45 Tell us something we probably don’t know.

I love music

46 Who would you like to see 46 Questions interview next?

Darroch Whitaker (@GM_TweeterBird)